The high-end Boudoir experience with Salty Charlie Studios begins the moment you book your session.  You'll have me, Holly, as your personal hype girl and boudoir photographer.  Don't hesitate to ask all your questions along the way.  We can meet up, text, call, FaceTime, private message, Snapchat etc. as we plan your shoot together.  We will also visually collaborate on a secret mood board which is fun to see your vision uncovered.  Creating a custom experience infused with your personality is my goal.

The day of the shoot you will arrive at the location of your choice, my place, The Loft, is my favorite!  You will be fully prepped thanks to your "Salty Primping Guide" which explains the whole process in detail, suggests wardrobe according to your body type and offers tips for grooming and prepping your body to be photographed in the very best way possible.  I have years of experience doing this, so I got you!  Nerves are quite common, but I promise you they'll melt away quickly, so relax with a fancy drink, sit back and chat while my Hair & Makeup team pampers you!  You'll go from Natural to Knockout in that first hour.  While you are being pampered, I will look through the wardrobe you brought and suggest any pieces from Charlie's Closet that I think you'd rock.  I will decide on a shooting plan and start some shooting behind the scenes and detail shots.  Your input during your session is welcomed & wanted, I make this as 'you' as possible.  

Your kinda music will be pumping while you and I are laughing our way through the first few minutes of jitters and photos.  Before you know it you will totally forget you were even nervous because honestly, it is so much fun!  I will coach you and get into the poses myself for you to mirror.  You're always in complete control over how far you want your posing to go.  I'll encourage you to push your boundaries some but will never make you do something that you are uncomfortable with.  We can stop for a break to grab a snack & drink waiting for us, because girl it is work to get in all those poses and hold them, plus I just love spoiling my Clients.  You may be sore the next day and that just means you did it right!  Those arches are everything-  Once we are done shooting, we will pack up and you'll be looking & feeling smokin' hot so you should have a sexy date night planned afterwards!  

It then takes me approximately 3 weeks to hand edit, then we schedule an hour to meet back up for your Reveal + Ordering Session.  At that time, you'll watch a gorgeous slideshow of your fully edited gallery.  You will decide on how you'd like to display your photographs by choosing which products you'd like and pay.  Depending on which luxury products you choose it could be 2-3 weeks till they arrive from my professional labs.  I will hand deliver them to you.  Seeing my Clients' reactions is the best reward ever!