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What does Boudoir even mean? 

A French word for a woman's private sitting room or bedroom.  It is also a term used to describe a genre of photography dating back to the 1920s.  Boudoir is defined by each person differently, so whatever you decide Boudoir is for you is perfect.  Boudoir photography encompasses genres such as beauty, glamour, pin-up, fine art nudes, and erotica photography.  Salty Charlie Studios features all types of Boudoir:  Bridal Boudoir, Maternity Boudoir, Couples Boudoir, Fine Art Nudes Boudoir, Erotica Boudoir, Outdoor Boudoir, High End Editorial Boudoir even Playful Boudoir like Pizza Boudoir.  These are meant to embrace each person's true self and individuality... especially their sensuality and sexuality without shame, but instead in an intimate celebration.

I've never done this before, I'm NOT a model, is a Boudoir session really for me?! 

I genuinely believe that every person is worthy of having beautiful images of themselves and should experience an Boudoir session for HOW INCREDIBLY empowering it is to do for your own self!!!  It is for EVERY type of person, every type of body, every age (21+) every walk of life.  Read our REVIEWS section for some recent Client testimonials.  I absolutely adore finding the beauty in every Client of mine and interpreting that through my photography.  For once, they get to see themselves through another person's eyes and stop being so hard on themselves the way society has led us to.  Show me your beauty, your sexy and I will make the most incredible images of you that you will have ever owned and to make you feel strong, brave and like the total badass you are.  A memento to have for years to come, to trigger you back to the amazing experience of your Boudoir session, where you stepped outside your comfort zone and left it all at the door and let go of any insecurities and decided to stretch your boundaries to empower and love your stripped down self.

How far in advance should I book? 

I recommend that my Clients have their shoots scheduled about 2 months prior to when they need the finished product in hand.  It's never too early to get booked with me though.  For Maternity Boudoir I recommend being photographed prior to 7 months pregnant, after that sometimes you being to have facial swelling and become too uncomfortable overall to hold the poses.

Can I bring someone to my Photo Session or to my Reveal Session? 

Sometimes a best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves and give you the reassurance that you need to get started with your session, and I do not mind that, I may put them to work though holding a reflector or fan ;)  Females only please, simply notify me the week of your shoot.  If you want more than one friend, consider doing a Girls Day Out or Boudie Bash instead... so much fun!  This would make an unforgettable and unique gift for a Bride from her Bridesmaids!

Where will my Boudoir session take place? 

I welcome travel.  We can choose from an airbnb, Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, Outdoors or even a lifestyle shoot in your home.  I also have partnered with other local photographers and have studio options available.  I really like having the choice and not being limited to only one space as an artist.  We also have the option of shooting at "The Loft" here at my modern log cabin, it is my favorite.

What should I wear? 

This is the most asked question I get.  I have created a document, SALTY PRIMPING GUIDE, that I will email to you once you complete the booking process, that talks about wardrobe, makeup & other important details.  Don't stress about it too much, the key is to choose something that you feel AMAZING and comfortable in.  You will also have access to "Charlie's Closet" which has lingerie, heels, headpieces, body jewelry, furs in a wide range of sizes XS to 5X.  Even if you show up with nothing, we would have an epic shoot, trust me.  I have decided that I would like every shoot to have one prop to shoot a few shots with, perhaps a blow-pop, a bouquet of flowers, a head piece, the options are endless and I think could make for some fantastic art.

How many images are taken? 

Typically around 60 images are captured and artistically edited during Full Luxury sessions, about 20 images for a Mini Lavish session.

What if I want to get a little more, ummm, risqué? 

Get it, girl! (or guy)  I have shot plenty of risqué scenes but limit my online showcase simply due to the privacy of my Clients.  It is a personal thing and I want to keep it intimate for the people that my Clients choose to share their images with.  But I am game for anything legal, you will not make me blush.  The professional photo labs I use allow nudity in their printing.

How much can I expect to spend and on what kinds of products? 

Prices subject to change, but here is some general pricing.... Creative Booking Fee is 399 for individuals, 499 for couples.  Check with me to see if there are any current specials! (hint hint)  Minimum Ala Carte is 500, several items are 250.  Packages begin at 900.  Most Clients spend from 900 - 1700+, simply depends on their product choices.  I offer Leather Albums, Heirloom Boxes with Fine Art Prints, Metal Wall Art, High-Resolution Digitals and more.  Easy, no interest Payment Plans are available and also PRE-PAYMENT Plans now!  I accept cash, checks, credit cards on Square and even PayPal and venmo. *6% PA sales tax will apply

Does everyone have to see my images? 

Consent is so important, you are the Boss, so only if I have your written consent do I share images I see fit to.  If you see an image on my website or Facebook, or anywhere else, that means that I have written permission from that individual to use their image in my portfolio.  I have three levels of Model Releases, either an Anonymous Only, Partial/VIP Group or Full Release.  You secret is safe with me, I know that there are professions that do not allow for this type of thing.  I do NOT use an outside editor, I do all my own editing in-house.

Send me a message if you have any questions or just to chat!