I'm Holly Nichols, a Boudoir artist, loving what I get the privilege to do for my Clients here in Central Pennsylvania and nationwide.  Passport willing and ready for destination Boudoir. 

With a background of many years in the field of Art, I consider myself a Visual Sensualist.  Changing Clients' perspectives of how they see themselves using my photography is everything to me.  Evoking feelings of empowerment and self-love with my imagery is incredibly powerful and rewarding.  When my Clients see their gallery for the first time it never ceases to reinforce that BOUDOIR is what I was meant to do!

I am definitely a body positive photographer and want to help you fall deeper in love with yourself both inside-out the way your body is at this very moment!  I want to photograph all the bodies of every shape, size, age, gender, ability!


Here's a bit about me...  

  • I don't automatically know my left + right
  • gas tank usually less than 1/4
  • always wanted to marry someone with the last name Wood
  • Mexico is my happy place, passport proves it (fish tacos & guac)
  • menthol lipgloss addict
  • got a mind + a mouth on me
  • junking at vintage shops & thrift stores buying things that have personality is a good time to me
  • I've never drank a cold beer 
  • my worst habit is applying my makeup in the rearview mirror
  • I cheat at most games
  • lover of all bodies
  • I like to say I'm all the right kinds of too much
  • last, but not least, freed by Grace.  

Follow my daily and get to know me more on FB or IG, I keep it real and simply am loving this life I've been blessed with.

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