I'm Holly Nichols, a Boudoir artist, loving what I get the privilege to do in Central Pennsylvania.  Destination Boudoir travel is welcomed.  Hollidaysburg, PA is where my roots are and where my husband and I are raising our little family of 5. 

With a background of many years in the field of Art, I consider myself a Visual Sensualist.  Evoking feelings with my imagery is incredibly powerful and rewarding.  To feel what you see...  I love that twist.  Changing Clients' perspectives of the way they look in photographs is my passion.  I see differently than most, I see with not only my eyes but with my heart and mind. 

I am a body positive photographer and I want to help you fall deeper in love with yourself inside-out.  Embracing physical features that set us apart from one another is a focus of mine... show me those freckles, that kinky head of hair, your scar with a story or those beautiful stretch marks, a crooked smile, your hidden birthmark.  Be grateful to your body for what you've lived to this point.   

I am in the midst of my own mission of self-love, it is a daily effort.  I often feel we can be so hard on ourselves, my light-hearted spirit will put you at ease, I am excited to get to know you!  Here's a bit more about me...  I have a wicked sweet tooth, happen to be a beast at Pictionary and never can seem to get enough of laughing.  Black gel nails, nite owl, gas tank on less than 1/4 tank most times.  I always wanted to marry someone with the last name Wood.  Mexico is my happy place and my passport proves that (the fish tacos & guac don't hurt).  Lover of beards, spoon rings & lipgloss.  You will find me junking at vintage shops and thrift stores buying odd things that have personality.  I've never drank a cold beer or hot coffee, I look at magazines backwards and my worst habit is probably applying my makeup with the rearview mirror.  My collections range from antique cobalt blue glass, vintage globes and bird cages, to risqué knickknacks.  I cheat at most boardgames.  Life is too short for socks that match.  Last, but not least, freed by Grace.  

Follow my daily and get to know me more on FB or IG, I keep it real and simply am loving this life I have been blessed with.  Ask me anything, I'm an open book.